I make words work for you.


I’m an editor, writer, and writing consultant  based in Atlanta, Georgia. I help academics, businesses, non-profits, organizations, and individuals improve their writing and business communication.

Most editors correct errors. I  do more than just fix mistakes. I make your writing more persuasive by tailoring it to speak directly to a specific audience.

What kinds of projects can I help you with?

Translating technical, complicated, or jargon-ridden text into understandable English is my specialty. Here are some hypothetical examples:

  • You have a staff training manual that you like, but you find yourself frequently answering questions from employees who don’t understand or misinterpret the instructions. I can revise the manual, which will save you time and help your employees be more productive.
  • You are writing a newsletter or mass email that will be sent to a diverse group of people (clients, donors, customers, volunteers, employees, etc.). You need people to read this email and take concrete action, but you know that most of them will be inclined to skim and delete it. I can edit it to make an unmistakeable main point and a clear call to action.
  • You have a brochure or pamphlet that is ready to go to press, and you want to make sure that it does not contain any embarrassing errors or typos. I can copy edit it to remove any mistakes, catch any oversights, and rephrase confusing sentences.
  • You are preparing a book manuscript, and you want feedback that will help you organize the chapters and increase clarity. I can read the draft and identify specific changes that will let your ideas shine.
  • You want to improve communication in your office. I can lead half- or full-day seminars that teach your staff proven, practical techniques for clear communication and writing. Clear office communication saves you time, money, and frustration.

These are just some hypothetical examples, of course. I am always open to customized projects that suit your needs. Get in touch and we can discuss how I can be most helpful to you.

Who am I?

I’ve always loved the written word. While my passions have shifted focus over the years, I have always sought ways of deepening my understanding of what distinguishes excellent writing.

I received my PhD in English from Indiana University in 2015. During my time at IU, I taught college-level writing and literature courses, and I took my first forays into freelance editing. As of August 2015, I will begin working at Georgia Gwinnett College as an Assistant Professor of English.

Nearly a decade of  teaching college-level writing courses under my belt gives me an expertise in the written communication. You can lean more about my academic work and background at http://www.adamfajardo.com.

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