Writing Seminars

I’m passionate about good writing, and I love teaching the principles of clear, succinct, and persuasive communication. I offer several business writing seminars that will teach your staff proven techniques for improving their written communication. All of my seminars are lively and interactive. Come prepared to think, write, and learn!

Prices start at $600 for a 3-hour seminar and $1200 for a 6-hour version. These prices include a 30 minute phone conference to determine your needs.

Clear Sentences, Clear Ideas.

This interactive seminar covers the principles of plain language, a set of style guidelines that helps your reader understand your document the first time he or she reads it. This seminar teaches you not only what these guidelines are, but also a systematic way of finding and correcting five common mistakes.

The full version of this seminar covers  principles of document design that bolster plain language writing. I cover effectively using white space, fonts, text boxes, tables and charts, and other features that make information easier to access and understand.

3- and 6-hour versions available.

How to Persuade Your Audience

In a sense, every piece of writing is attempting to persuade you to do or believe something. Advertisements want you to buy a product. A memo might want you to reduce printing. Editorials want to change how you think. Facebook wants you to “share.” Credit card agreements want you not to read the fine print. In this seminar, I teach you how to use time-tested principles of argumentation to make your communication more compelling and persuasive.

The short version begins with identifying and understanding a specific audience and purpose for a given document. Then I teach you how to tailor the same information to multiple audiences. We cover more advanced strategies in the full version,  including branding, self-presentation, and the three modes of persuasion.

3- and 6-hour versions available.

“That doesn’t sound right…”

This isn’t your average grammar course. Instead of bombarding you with terminology and boring you with sentence diagrams, this lively, interactive seminar teaches you to identify and fix ten common mistakes. Participants will also receive a helpful handout with example sentences, because only nerds like me actually want to remember these rules.

3 hours.

Billing and Payment

I ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure a seminar time. You can pay through credit card or PayPal.

Individual Coaching

I am available as a private writing and communication coach for select individuals. In a one-on-one setting, I can teach you advanced strategies for workplace communication and persuasion. My rate for individual coaching starts at $200 per hour.

Want to learn principles of clear, succinct, and effective writing?

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